Stop the LHC - until we know it's SAFE!


If you are concerned about the risks posed by CERN and the Large Hadron Collider, take action now by writing your Congressman or making a donation to the cause. We must stop the LHC before it conducts its irresponsible experiments.


Writing a letter to your elected representative is an effective way to raise awareness of the dangers of the LHC and gain political support in requiring further safety analysis. Below is a suggested form letter, feel free to copy and expand. For listings of the complete contact information for every elected official in the U.S., click here

Dear Elected Official,

As a citizen of planet Earth and a registered voter in your district, I would like to express to you my deep concern about the potential risks involved in particle collider experimentation, especially those relating to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) located at the CERN research facility along the France/Switzerland border. Please explain to me why the United States is supporting this potentially catastrophic research with my tax dollars. Know that I reside in your constituency and am fully opposed to this experiment. I hope that you read more on this subject at and take action to prevent the risky operation of the LHC scheduled to begin later this summer.

Respectfully Yours,
A Concerned Citizen


Contributions will be used for currently pending legal action in the U.S. and future legal actions in Europe. If you would like to support Citizens Against the Large Hadron Collider, donations can be made in the following manner:

• by CHECK, make payable to:

Citizens Against the Large Hadron Collider
P.O. Box 881
Pepeekeo, HI 96783
U. S. A.

• by PAYPAL, send payments to

This organization is currently seeking tax-exempt status, which would make your donation tax deductible. Thank you for any support you lend to this cause, we hope to bring you a tax incentive in the near future and will inform you of any change in our tax status.